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Pete Carroll has a history of making the right call at the right time, most recently winning him the 2015 NFC Championship and sending the Seattle Seahawks to the Super Bowl – AGAIN – for the 2nd time in a row!  Being Hawk fans, we are obviously excited about a Re-Pete appearance at the Super Bowl.. Go Hawks!! 

If you have knee pain, make the call  – just like Pete did – for robotic-assisted partial knee resurfacing.  Pete had his knee resurfaced at the Coon Joint Replacement Institute in St. Helena.  Dr. Thomas Coon’s surgical techniques are revolutionary.

Pete Carroll, had this to say about his knee replacement surgery: “They deliver on everything they promise—how it’ll happen, what will happen, when it’ll happen—and exceed expectations. And even better, the recovery time was three times faster than what they had projected.”

Coon trained, Avnew Health surgeon Dr. John Velyvis specializes in minimally invasive robotic-assisted partial knee surgery.  “Motion is life. It helps us to define ourselves,” says Dr. Velyvis. “A loss of mobility is often viewed as a loss of freedom and independence. As an orthopedic surgeon… my goal is to restore a patient’s mobility and freedom to perform the activities that make life more enjoyable, employing the smallest amount of surgery for the maximum return of function and well-being.”

Dr. Velyvis now partners with Avnew Health, a joint care coordination company offering personalized joint care coordination to those in need of surgical intervention or physical therapy.  Need a personalized second opinion on your knee?  Call us at Avnew Health today 888-986-7886.  We get you moving again, pain free.

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Quotes from: Napa Valley Life Magazine 1/8/2011

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