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Pain Treated With PT: Laura’s Story

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnJTqNOMzxo?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360] At Avnew Health, we believe in physical therapy for restoring healthy movement to your joints.  Watch Laura’s story on MoveForwardPT.com.  Need Physical Therapy yourself?  We can help.  Avnew Health, we help you get moving again – pain free.

Why PT is important after surgery

Many patients focus so much on the hours spent at the hospital that they don’t consider the importance of rehabilitation after the operation.  Here are some of the reasons you may need to do PT after your operation: – See more at: http://www.physiquality.com/blog/?p=7332#sthash.sYoGO9py.dpuf


We’ve come a long way!  It’s exciting to be part of a society that has so many ways to be well.  In modern day society, we can diagnose so much, treat so many diseases, and soothe our aches and pains.  There are many diseases that science is still fighting, but for the vast majority.. we are blessed with options, science, and advancement. For the majority, the question is not if …Read More

Domestic Medical Tourism with Avnew Health

At Avnew Health, we believe in FANTASTIC!  If you are a candidate for our less invasive, robotic-assisted partial knee resurfacing procedure, our package includes: A patient navigator to assist you from your initial call, through your post surgical follow up. Direct communication with the Avnew lead surgeon. Airfare for you and a support person to a surgical center of excellence. Luxury hotel for recovery. Room service meal allowance. Town car …Read More

An Introduction to Robotic Partial Knee Resurfacing

Do you wonder what robotic assisted partial knee resurfacing looks like? Surgery is not pretty, but take a look while Dr. John Milne, founder of Avnew Health, guides you through a robotic partial knee resurfacing. If you are tired of knee pain and ready to get moving again, call today 1 (888) 986-7886. At Avnew Health, we want to help you navigate to the right solution for you.  We offer app …Read More

Facing Knee Surgery?

You may not know it, but you have options!  At Avnew Health, we want you to know your options.  When facing knee surgery, many wonder about the cost, risks, when they will be able to return to activities and work.  We can help you compare your options: What type of surgery is right for you? When is the right time to surgically intervene? What surgeon should you trust? What will …Read More