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Facing Knee Surgery?

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You may not know it, but you have options!  At Avnew Health, we want you to know your options.  When facing knee surgery, many wonder about the cost, risks, when they will be able to return to activities and work.  We can help you compare your options:

  • What type of surgery is right for you?
  • When is the right time to surgically intervene?
  • What surgeon should you trust?
  • What will it cost you?
  • What will your recovery look like?
  • Are there any non-surgical options for you?

Our care management team is just a call away.  We offer easy free second opinions and advanced options for over half of those expecting a full knee replacement  Why wait around in pain if you don’t need to?  For that matter, why not explore our bundled partial knee resurfacing package: enjoy a medical vacation to a prominent US city with included flight for you and a support person, stay at a luxury hotel, enjoying room service, and a top orthopedic surgeon using precision robotic guidance in a state of the art outpatient center of excellence.  Or would you rather just use the guy in town and eat hospital food?  Oh, we forgot to mention, one of these options has a higher long term success rating.  Let’s talk options 1 (888) 986-7886.


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