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It’s October – Check your Gait


Do you ever have pain in your back, hip, knees, or feet after or during your everyday activities?

It is not abnormal for joint pain to creep up on you after years of improper gait function. Osteoarthritis, for example, is a gradual degenerating of the joint cushioning. Knee and hip osteoarthritis can disrupt your normal gait as you compensate for pain and restricted joint motion.

If you have had knee or hip surgery, it is especially important to seek out a joint specialist to ensure that you are training your new joint to function naturally.

Your pain may have come on suddenly or gradually, but your remedy is the same. Therapy. Physical therapists are the first line of defense when it comes to joint pain. A PT can quickly and accurately analyze your individual gait and train you to restore your gait to keep your joints moving like they should.

Don’t let National Physical Therapy month slip by without getting help. If you need help finding a physical therapists, we can help. At Avnew, we have a network of physical therapists available nationwide to help you get moving again. Call or write us to today. We can help get you moving again.

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