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We’ve come a long way!  It’s exciting to be part of a society that has so many ways to be well.  In modern day society, we can diagnose so much, treat so many diseases, and soothe our aches and pains.  There are many diseases that science is still fighting, but for the vast majority.. we are blessed with options, science, and advancement. For the majority, the question is not if we can restore health, but how we can do it best: fastest, with the least expense, and leading to optimal health and lasting results.

In order to heal best, we need a provider that sounds a little fictional at first glance: an expert lower cost provider with a business model that includes time for coaching and follow through. But this provider actually does exist! The physical therapist is an expert in musculoskeletal systems and is evolving as the primary care provider of what ails you as you age: your joints.  Skip the long wait at your primary care doc’s and head to a PT when you feel joints pain.

At Avnew Health, our goal is to re-educate patients, employers and payers that Physical Therapy should be the first line of defense in diagnosing and treating osteoarthritis of the knee and, really, the whole musculoskeletal system.  This includes post-op care. Completing your surgical solution with physical therapy is the most proactive way you can stay and keep healthy for years to come.

If you have joint pain and want to get moving again faster, for less expense, and with better, longer lasting results, find a primary care provider for the joints – a physical therapist.  If you need help, we at Avnew Health would be happy to help you find the right provider for you.  It is time to feel better better.

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