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Comprehensive Care Patients

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Easy Enrollment

Many patients are referred to comprehensive care coordination by their physician. Enrollment is made simple through a web-based intake form used by both physician and patient. The patient’s care pathway is determined by patient needs and diagnosis as designated by the referring physician.

Intake Connections

Care Coordinators are notified immediately upon patient enrollment. Initial follow-up calls take place within 48 hours of enrollment. This initial conversation is an important check-up for any acute or emergent issues and allows care coordinators to learn each patient’s personal goals and current treatment plans.


Each patient will receive specialized education in order to increase engagement levels. Avnew strategically educates patients on a 14-day communication cycle. Repetition and consistency are important for habit building and positive changes. Publications include diagnosis specific and healthy lifestyle educational materials.

Coaching and Motivation

Patients will continue to receive individual monthly coaching calls, texts, emails, and other communication in order to impact overall health outcomes through one-on-one care. Avnew certified care coordinators are like the coach you wish you had and are trained in positive change management.

Comprehensive Management and Tracking

Avnew Comprehensive Care Coordination is intended to help each patient use their resources to best manage their conditions. Avnew tracks each patient’s individual markers and progress, communicating treatment plans and progress to the patient’s physician teams in order to create truly comprehensive care that extends and integrates into the patient’s home life.

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