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A Walk with Sherry – 24 Hours After Surgery

  In this video short, meet Sherry 24 hours after surgery.  Sherry’s knee is better than it has been in years and she is one day out of surgery.  She no longer feels bone on bone pain and her leg has been straightened.  She is walking the halls, icing, enjoying room service, and a beautiful San Francisco view with her husband.  Her pain is easily controlled and most importantly, she is …Read More

A Walk with Sherry – First Class Experience

In this short video, Sherry has just begun her first class travel experience with Avnew Health to San Francisco for a robotic-assisted partial knee resurfacing accessible through Avnew Health’s medical tourism program.  Sherry and her husband Jerry were flown first class to San Francisco, shuttled from the airport and are sitting in their 4-star hotel room, their home base for a few days.  Tonight they can play the tourist, dine …Read More


Sherry knew that she needed help for her knee.  X-rays showed bone on bone degeneration in her right knee.  She had tried non-invasive injections and ibuprofen to mask the pain, but after suffering for four years, Sherry scheduled the big one: A FULL KNEE REPLACEMENT. Although she knew she needed a surgical solution, Sherry was disappointed with the realities of a full knee replacement. She knew: she would endure a …Read More

A Walk with Sherry – A +1 Perspective

Jerry is Sherry’s husband.  They have spent the majority of their lives together enjoying the great outdoors, building a family and a life together.  Over the past four years, Jerry has had a front row seat to the decline in Sherry’s health caused by knee pain.  He watched as the pain limited her life and the life they could enjoy together.  Pain challenged the distances they could walk together, challenged travel …Read More


Click to watch the first video in a series following a woman living with knee pain and her path to pain free movement and restoration. Sherry spent at least four years living with knee pain.  At first there was joint fatigue, stiffness and gradually PAIN.  As the pain increased in intensity and volume, Sherry’s world got smaller.  She began to cut corners to decrease walking. She avoided the stairs as much …Read More

Domestic Medical Tourism with Avnew Health

At Avnew Health, we believe in FANTASTIC!  If you are a candidate for our less invasive, robotic-assisted partial knee resurfacing procedure, our package includes: A patient navigator to assist you from your initial call, through your post surgical follow up. Direct communication with the Avnew lead surgeon. Airfare for you and a support person to a surgical center of excellence. Luxury hotel for recovery. Room service meal allowance. Town car …Read More

Practicing Medicine Upstream

Practicing Medicine Upstream from Avnew Health on Vimeo. Dr. John Milne, physician executive and healthcare futurist, gives a proactive view of practicing medicine. While the traditional system catches individuals in their moment of need, Dr. Milne looks to find the source of need to catch the individual sooner for more positive results. In this approach, medicine is practiced as a strategic investment in individuals. It is by this framework that …Read More