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Sherry knew that she needed help for her knee.  X-rays showed bone on bone degeneration in her right knee.  She had tried non-invasive injections and ibuprofen to mask the pain, but after suffering for four years, Sherry scheduled the big one: A FULL KNEE REPLACEMENT.

Although she knew she needed a surgical solution, Sherry was disappointed with the realities of a full knee replacement.

She knew:

  • she would endure a long intense recovery,
  • she would lose natural supporting ligaments and stability, and
  • that statistically she faced possible full knee replacement failure.

But then she heard about Avnew Health and ROBOTIC-ASSISTED PARTIAL KNEE RESURFACING.

Avnew Health is a care coordination company that would allow her to:

  • save money,
  • be treated to a first class medical tourism experience in the US, and most importantly
  • have her knee restored using medical technology by a top specialist.

An Avnew Health care coordinator showed Sherry that she had more OPTIONS than those offered to her locally.  Avnew Health offers access to the latest in robotic-assisted technology, experienced surgeons, through medical tourism.  Sherry sent her x-rays to Avnew to see if she could be a candidate for the partial knee resurfacing that 60% of those undergoing a full knee replacement are eligible for.  She was!  Sherry’s partial knee resurfacing would be confined to her lateral compartment.

Her procedure would allow her to:

  • keep supporting ligaments,
  • rebuild the damaged portion of her knee, and
  • restore her natural range of motion.

Sherry chose a robotic-assisted partial knee resurfacing with Avnew Health and cancelled her full knee replacement.

Click OPTIONS to watch this installment of Sherry’s Story and keep up with Sherry’s Story on facebook and upcoming posts as she is flown first class to San Francisco for her procedure.

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