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December 2014


Did you suffer from joint pain in 2014?  DON’T LIVE 2015 IN PAIN! Avnew Health offers advanced solutions for joint pain and specialized therapy that will have you back to your favorite activities pain free in 2015. Don’t just write this one on your list of resolutions you want to get done in 2015.  Click here to make the move for pain free movement. Check out a few of our solutions on our …Read More

What do you need to do to finish 2014 strong?

Are you finishing up a 2014 project, meeting a deadline, or sales goal?  Are you shopping until you drop, wrapping presents, and sticking stamps on Christmas cards?  With all of this hustle and bustle, how do you feel? Are you TIRED or ENERGIZED by the season?  Perhaps your answer is predisposed by one thing: EXERCISE. Did you mark exercise off of your list because you are too busy? We know that exercise is the …Read More

Regular Running Does NOT Increase the Risk of Knee Arthritis

….and may even protect against it. New research reveals that “runners, no matter what the age when they were active runners, had knee pain less often than people who didn’t run, according to the study. They also had fewer symptoms and evidence of knee arthritis than non-runners did, the researchers found.”  Read more here. Find your way to get active today to improve your health for all your days to …Read More